Modular LED Fixture - for mapping Jarags

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Modular LED Fixture - for mapping Jarags

Post  drewread on Sun Mar 01, 2015 2:45 pm


I am attempting to use the Modular LED fixture to pixel map a row of Jarag fixtures for use over ArtNET.

I have setup the mono fixture (incorrect in the image attached) to be 25 wide x 2.5 high which would equal 10 jarags wide by 1 high (100 bulbs wide by 5 bulbs high.)

When I go into the Output Page to set the fixture addresses I am shown a square Ai logo, and if I draw a 5x5 fixture and then copy and paste it I can only fit 8 fixtures on the graphic, then the subsequent ones show up as a green bar on the left side of the white Ai graphic. If I move these rectangular fixtures (tab to fixture and move with mouse) they are actually long rectangles and not the squares that were copied and pasted (perhaps this is a bug?)

How should I be scaling either the fixtures, or the Ai image?

Should the Ai image size not match my long rectangle built in the stage builder?

Once I arrange the fixtures addresses, how do I get the mapped ArtNET out of the Ai server, does it go out on the same NIC as the ArtNET input from my console, or do I need a separate NIC for ArtNET output?

In regards to the address mode, is there anything that would show the current address for each individual pixel so that you know that you chose the right type of mode?

Thank you.
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