V6 Demo continually crashing

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V6 Demo continually crashing Empty V6 Demo continually crashing

Post  woonkey on Wed Feb 20, 2013 5:37 am

Hey Folks,

I downloaded the Demo version of V6 yesterday to familiarize myself with it and it keeps crashing on me. I am running a Dell M6600 Workstation with 16gig ram, Intel i7 extreme, and a Quadro 4000 video card. Attached it the crash window. I have followed the instructions and have the software running in Administrator mode. Any thoughts? It also will not allow me to drag and drop any files into the program via windows explorer.
V6 Demo continually crashing Attachment
Capture.JPG Crash windowYou don't have permission to download attachments.(26 Kb) Downloaded 3 times

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V6 Demo continually crashing Empty Re: V6 Demo continually crashing

Post  Jacques Levesque on Wed Feb 20, 2013 6:51 pm


I am running AI V6 on the exact same machine than you, and I don't have much crash... Except when I try to build my own patches, did you also disable UAC, it might create problems, can you be a bit more precise on when it crashes? Because it can be so many reasons at large. Are connected to a lighting console? Are you running other softwares who could use quicktime codecs at the same time? I am currently runing 2 T8 Miami, and 2 Bondi... And I also use the laptop for demo purpose. You can join me on Skype, cocolevesque


Jacques Levesque

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V6 Demo continually crashing Empty Re: V6 Demo continually crashing

Post  Dave on Wed Feb 20, 2013 7:56 pm

Thanks Jacques!

Did you try updating your graphics card driver to the latest version from NVidia? This can often help.

Another possible cause of the problem could be if you have 2 video cards installed in your laptop. Some of the latest laptops have both an on board intel graphics card and a separate dedicated GPU. In this case there is a way to select which GPU to run the Ai application on in the driver settings. You should always run Ai on the dedicated GPU (Nvidia or AMD Firepro).

If you have any further problems please drop us a line at support@avolitesmedia.com


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V6 Demo continually crashing Empty Re: V6 Demo continually crashing

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