Avolites Synergy - a truely integrated lighting and video system

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Avolites Synergy - a truely integrated lighting and video system

Post  ArranAI on Tue May 08, 2018 11:19 pm

One of the big new things we showed at ProLight 2018 was our initial outing for what we are calling Synergy.

Synergy is a large step towards truly integrated lighting and video systems - not just systems running next to each other.

Those of you lucky enough will have had a demo of the system will have seen some interesting developments.

Patching from Titan - this is greatly simplified - anyone whos previously had dissagreements with CITP will appreciate this.
Ai output directly into Titan pixelmapper - use our industry leading pixelmapper in titan with no further need for artnet mergers when switching between console and server control of lighting
Add / Remove Ai fixtures from Titan - screens can now be added or removed directly from Titan
Ai previews in Titan - Preview your Ai streams within the Titan environment

we have a lot more to come on this project, ultimately we'd like to remove the need to look at the interface when using a console ( don't worry non console users...there will always be an interface option! )

did any of you see it at ProLight?
what did you think?
anything youd like to see appear?

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