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Post  Dave Mon Aug 19, 2013 5:23 pm

Immersive were handpicked by TAIT Technologies to undertake the Ai project design and programming of the LED covered Mini. Immersive also delivered many of the user select-able animations on the car. Immersive were selected to work on both technical and creative aspects of the project due to our extensive knowledge and expertise of working with custom three dimensional surfaces, the bespoke LED mapping process and interactive & generative content creation. The systems in use in the car are 2 Avolites Media 'Ai Miami' licensed Apple Macbook Pro laptops, 1 Main and 1 Backup all supplied by Immersive.

The project has been challenging from the outset with a brief to deliver something totally original and 'never been done before'. These are exactly the kind of briefs & projects where Immersive thrives, the vision was truly ambitious and the outcome inspiring.

The interactive elements of the project brief required a custom made Salvation patch which communicates with the web based end user control application to decide how the car will look as it is driving through the streets of London for 2 weeks. The app allows visitors to customize the vehicle be selecting a theme, selecting a palette, adding their own web cam video or photograph, and adding their own text. The Ai systems inside the car then take all of this data from the web app and create the users customized animation in real time and map it onto the LED screen covering the car.

Immersive are always delighted when TAIT call and commission us to be involved in projects like this one. Their engineering brilliance and determination to deliver are a rare combination in our industry. Our two company's always produce incredible shows when we work together. We're looking forward to the next project already..

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