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Ai Written Tutorial PDF's

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Ai Written Tutorial PDF's Empty Ai Written Tutorial PDF's

Post  ArranAI Wed Jan 08, 2014 10:15 pm

Our library of written tutorial documents is getting bigger all the time, please check back here or on the tutorial page for all of the latest updates.

A full listing of all tutorials can be found and downloaded from HERE

Ai Overview

1. V7 Overview

2. Stage Construction Page Overview

3. Performance Page Tutorial

4. Per Clip Properties

5. Canvas Editor Tutorial

6. Timeline

7. Multi Unit LED Config

8. Modular LED Fixture

9. Live Map

10. Video Mapping On Moving Scenery

11. Soft Edge Blending

12. Mapping Editor

13. Modelling Screens in Blender

14. Keyboard Shortcuts

15. Effects, Blendmodes and Transitions

16. Timecode Triggering

17. Preparing AiM Video Files

18. System and Project Optimisation

Ai Connection Tutorials

1. Connecting Ai to Titan (V7)

2. Connecting Servers in Master and Slave Configuration

Salvation Patching Tutorials

1. Salvation Patching Basics

2. Basic 3D Text Patch (Generative Content)

3. Spinning Circles Patch (Generative Content)

Ai Troubleshooting Tutorials

1. Sapphire Console – Two Main Screens not working

The full listing of all tutorials can be found and downloaded from HERE - if there is a tutorial you think is needed, then please let us know Smile

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