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Bounding Box w png

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Bounding Box w png Empty Bounding Box w png

Post  Lebowski Sat Aug 09, 2014 1:28 am

I too have the same problem with the crop box clipping the image when rotated in any aspect mode.  Here are some of the annoying issues I would like to see solved in future release.

1.  PNG bounding box visible when rotating image
2.  Still no UNDO in many areas
3.  Tab to next cell STILL doesn’t highlight text. (annoying)
4.  Scroll wheel navigation functionality in patch windows.
5.  UV snapping to object corner functionality.
6.  (For GrandMA) CITP works in smart window but NO streaming functionality w CITP viewer or MA3D streaming software.
7.  The ability to draw a mask with series of points over the current output.  (Selvin showed me a trick but I cant remember)
8.  Background color support
9.  the ability to add/ rearrange screen objects and projector/ stage objects in any sequence without causing the software to break.
10. When combining objects in Ai, the UVs get stacked and then must manually move them.  Hoping new release will give the option to spread the UVs across the merged geometry equally for more accuracy.

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Bounding Box w png Empty Re: Bounding Box w png

Post  ArranAI Fri Aug 22, 2014 10:26 pm


theres a few here i can answer and some i need to look into - for now ive answered the ones i can:

1) this is resolved in version 8
2) this support is increasing within the software

4) patch window control is easier and more integrated in v8

6) Ai + MA CITP connection is greatly improved in v8
7) im guessing he showed you livemap? theres a tutorial on livemap here
Cool in version 8

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