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Minimum System Requirements

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Minimum System Requirements Empty Minimum System Requirements

Post  Dave Wed Nov 14, 2012 7:52 pm

Ai Minimum System Requirements


Intel CPU with at least 4 cores, preferably i7


– 1 or 2 matching Nvidia Graphics Cards with at least 512Mb of RAM, purchased after 2009.
-or- 1 AMD Firepro Graphics Card purchased after 2011.

(on board intel graphics will not work)


– 7200 RPM Hard disc drive for 2x layers of 1080p
-or- Single SSD Drive for 3x layers of 1080p media
-or- x2 SSD RAID 0 drives up to 6x 1080p or 1x 4k
-or- x4 SSD RAID 0 drives up to 8x 1080p or 2x 4k

Optional Capture Cards:

– Blackmagic Decklink / Intensity
-or- Active Silicon Phoenix HD SDI
-or- Datapath Vision SD4+1 DVI plus 4 SD

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