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TC Trigger = No Audio?

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TC Trigger = No Audio? Empty TC Trigger = No Audio?

Post  Gringoloco Thu May 21, 2015 12:39 pm

When triggering clips with TC- LTC or MTC, the audio playback stops.
Is there a work around for this?
V 8.01.307


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TC Trigger = No Audio? Empty Re: TC Trigger = No Audio?

Post  Jacques Levesque Fri May 22, 2015 2:27 pm

Hi Gringo,
I am not 100% but I had a similar issue, and think, I separated the audio from the video, and it worked. But sorry, again not sure. Smile

Jacques Levesque

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TC Trigger = No Audio? Empty Re: TC Trigger = No Audio?

Post  Dave Wed May 27, 2015 1:02 am

When triggering using MTC play mode we assume that the audio is going to be coming from the same source system as the time code, so we disable the audio playback.

Whenever Ai plays a movie with embedded audio the play head of the audio in the video becomes the 'master clock'. Whenever the MTC Play mode is used then the master clock is taken from the MTC instead. You cannot have 2 master clocks. So it is one or the other I'm afraid..

However, if you want to just trigger the movie with embedded audio at a certain MTC time and then use the embedded audio clock from that point onwards, then you can set the movie to play once or loop play mode and still use the 'Time Code Active' mode (from the system settings) to automatically fire the movie at the chosen Time Code Trigger time (within the media tile). But please note this is not our recommended approach. We always recommend to customers to play their audio from the same device which is playing the master time code, something like an Alesis HD24 or a multi channel audio software or similar.

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TC Trigger = No Audio? Empty Re: TC Trigger = No Audio?

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