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FPS and performance

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FPS and performance Empty FPS and performance

Post  JoeLabbe Mon Jul 22, 2013 6:15 pm

My show set up is 6 HDSDI inputs at 1080i and 4 HD DVI 1080p outputs. One of the outputs being the control surface. When the show needs to use all outputs and have five of the video inputs activated the FPS drops to 15. The content is playing back with jitters and the live video becomes pixelated. I know this set up is maximizing the system. I understand that.

One thing we can do that makes the system respond better and look better is to close the visualizer window. All of our inputs and outputs still work properly when we do this. What does not work when we close the visualizer is the pixel mapping.

Is there a way to close the visualizer window and keep the pixel map functioning to improve the system performance?




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FPS and performance Empty Re: FPS and performance

Post  Dave Mon Jul 22, 2013 7:29 pm

Hi Joe

The system is indeed right up there at the maximum of whats possible. Perhaps if you drop an e-mail to support at with your project file we can see if there are any ways to optimise it. Could you also confirm you are using the latest build from the downloads page on this forum? There were some significant optimisations made to the live capture patches in the latest build.

The system is designed to require the interface window to be open. You could try leaving it setup on the stage construction page instead of the performance page, sometimes the system load on the stage construction page is noticeably less and if your controlling from a lighting desk this has the advantage of still giving you the visualisation without drawing all the UI elements required for kb/m control.

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