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Introduce yourself!

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Introduce yourself! Empty Introduce yourself!

Post  ArranAI Thu Nov 22, 2012 4:34 am

tell us about yourself.... whats your passion..... whats your background.... whats your favourite type of cake.....


my names Arran and i work as a service and support engineer for Avolitesmedia. i have a long background in video / vjing / audio going back 10+years ( although i first with 3d modelling and animation on the amiga in the early 90's )

my skillset includes live video and audio performance, content creation, 3d modelling, audio production and engineering.

i have a very deep passion for live performance especialy focussing on the synergy between video, audio and lighting and the ways to draw them ever closer.

and i LOVE toffee cheesecake bounce

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Introduce yourself! Empty edu bolinches

Post  eduBolinches Fri May 03, 2013 8:02 am

Hi Arran! my name is edu bolinches, Spanish, Valencian and living in mexico now. My passion is the light, the light and everything around its. So now is a time for some changes when the video is integrated more than ever in the world of light thanks to works like yours. at this time we are AvolitesMedia flag throughout Mexico. was very well have met you and I know your work slowly.
My background is the lighting, with Avolites or with others. the drama of light and how the light helps the artwork. so with your software working with our hands all seems going to be better still Smile . thank you!

Obviusly I'm PAELLA MASTER Exclamation

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Introduce yourself! Empty Re: Introduce yourself!

Post  jdlugo Thu Mar 06, 2014 3:11 am

Hey guys! Name's Juan, I'm a recent grad with a bachelor in Computer Animation, originally from Venezuela. I started working with a company recently that uses Ai heavily, and so I've started discovering and slowly getting into the real-time graphics world, and it's lovely.

I love feature animation, video games, 3D modeling and character rigging, and lastly, programming!

Good to see experienced & creative minds creating something amazing over here.


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Introduce yourself! Empty Re: Introduce yourself!

Post  Gizmo Sat Dec 06, 2014 8:31 pm

Hey people,

My name is Gary and I am the Hardware Engineer for Ai Media. Earlier this year I was handed over the responsibility of building and repairing all of the Ai Servers back in London.

I came to Avo from a high-tech international Japanese precision engineering company and although I have only been in this industry for a short time, I have always been passionate about computers and cutting edge technology.

When I am not building cutting edge Media Servers, I enjoy building stupidly fast motorcycles in my parents shed, currently I am rebuilding my drag race spec hayabusa, soon to be 1600cc with nitrous oxide with hopefully over 300bhp, after that I will be saving up to add a turbo and just about anything else i can in the quest for ultimate power. There Can Be Only One!!!

I also like windy walks on the beach, and i am Aquarius...

P.S Although not really cake, I love pecan pie.

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Introduce yourself! Empty Re: Introduce yourself!

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