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Multi Server Time Code Frame Sync

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Multi Server Time Code Frame Sync Empty Multi Server Time Code Frame Sync

Post  Dave Fri Sep 20, 2013 10:05 pm

Ever wondered how accurate the time code sync is across multiple systems in Ai?

Please take a look at this video

This video and demo was setup by Martin Harvey at Immersive.  Nice one Martin! 

It demonstrates 2 x Ai T8 servers each connected to a MIF4 to recieve MTC clock.  These MIF4's were both connected via an XLR Y split to a 3rd MIF4 which was generating LTC SMPTE Timecode.  Each T8 was programmed to sync to MTC Timecode and Trigger a movie with an embedded Timecode in the video image.  We also connected the sync outputs on each system with a standard ethernet cable.

There was a small offset of 3 frames applied to the timecode offset on both systems to compensate for the delay in the MIF4's MTC output.

As you can see the sync is pretty solid.

The camera was shooting at 1/250 without genlock.

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