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Server setting up

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Server setting up Empty Server setting up

Post  yana Mon Apr 28, 2014 1:31 pm


I'm new with the AI Server. I recently started using the AI Server about few months back.
I would like to ask if i have done the connection correctly.
What i did is that i just connect the server to the monitors. That's all.

And I have some questions regrading the AI Server.
Firstly i would like to ask about the connections of the server.
The one i have right now is AI Server T-Series & also MSC-1 Controller.
Secondly is there any connection to my laptop and do i need to use the cat5 cable to run to network switch? If yes do i need to have a Ai Software Licenses key.

Thanks and regards

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Server setting up Empty Re: Server setting up

Post  ArranAI Thu Jun 05, 2014 7:00 am

The Msc1 can be connected to your Ai server with a USB cable - it needs to be plugged in before starting Ai and you need to make sure USB Expert is running. Once Ai is then restarted, you can use the controller and you can also use the DMX and MIDI ports on the MSC1 to send data to fixtures / devices.

i try to use a network switcher/router if im using more than one machine, but you can connect them directly with an ethernet cable.

the demo is fully functional, you just get a white flash every now and then to stop it being used for a show, but it has all the program features and even lets you save, so you can properly try things out Smile

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