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Post  rubenlaine Mon Aug 04, 2014 7:41 pm

Ok guys, Honestly I feel this is a topic that has been left behind and it has finally caught up with me.

Audio files don't seem to respect Play modes, and why wouldn't we be able to simply load MP3 or WAV files?

Why cant we have maybe like a "audio layer" that is discreet and separate from the video layers, maybe can even be patched as a fixture?

I tried running a video with the embedded audio and then pan it off to the side, outside of the screen, but then I got hunted by the bounding box from hell (both on 7.1 and 7.2 "glastonbury")

see next post for "bounding box from hell - or how we still can't use PNGs like everyone else"


Also, every time i tell an audio guy that my connections are 1/4 inch tips sleeve, as soon as they look at the diagram on the back of the machine i get a "DUDE, HOW ABOUT YOU GET PROFESSIONAL EQUIPMENT WITH A BALANCED OUT?" personally I don't care, but then again i am not an audio guy and probably don't know better, but when i am have used Ai with Audio I have specified vendors to provide a PCDI box or similar, maybe whatever generation after the EX can have XLR in and OUT since it seems to be the flavor of choice by the noise boys

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