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Ai Version 9 Full Release Version

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Ai Version 9 Full Release Version Empty Ai Version 9 Full Release Version

Post  Dave Tue Apr 05, 2016 7:57 pm

Hi All

In time for the Frankfurt Pro Light & Sound show here is the full release version of Ai V9

Thanks and best regards

The release log is as follows:


DONE - Improvements to Spout efficiency.
DONE - Live Preview on Layer does not respect selected aspect ratio on layer properties. (Needs new layer mixer to re-use old projects)
DONE - Pressing Save on the Stage Patch Page results in the modules on the Stage Patch Page dissapearing.
DONE - Default bank files need to point at Super Stream content library.
DONE - Deleting Media Banks overwrites next Media Bank with previous Media Bank.


DONE - Mapping editor in output page doesn't work if source window has been collapsed
DONE - Canvas editor - translation '-x' '+x' does not work
DONE - Canvas editor - cannot move to 0 on manual transformations
DONE - Canvas editor - selecting a projector, then a screen messes up the fixture module drawing
DONE - Stage construction page - save a flipped model does not load the model back in
DONE - Canvas editor - translate/rotate bumps only happen once per mouse click
DONE - Output region adjustment module not updating correctly from a LFO


DONE - Fixed selection of blend modes on multiple fixtures


DONE - Added TomMask Blend Mode
DONE - Updated blend mode list in drop down in multilayer widget to include all 48 blend modes


DONE - Flipped Spout input to correct orientation
DONE - Artnet value of 128 clamped to = 0.5 on speed parameter and all FX parameters in layer processing
DONE - Optimise capture patches to default to fixed render resolutions of 1920 x 1080


DONE - Fixed Ancient small memory Leak which compromised Patch performance such as Datapath Capture
DONE - Fix Layer Brightness when Blend modes are disabled in Render Options
DONE - Added Spout Receiver Module to /import/Spout Receiver
DONE - Esc key exits from clip properties and Layer Controller
DONE - Add Parameter numbers to FX 1 & FX 2 on Layer Controller
DONE - Fixed Fade Output Regions System Patch not working on the second GPU
DONE - Add Spout support to each Layer, Artnet Parameter 89 > 0.5 will enable spout input on a layer
DONE - Fixed Chroma Key Effect
DONE - New Media tile needs to use next available Artnet address rather than last +1


DONE - Added Live Preview on Layer button to Media Tiles Clip Properties.
DONE - Added Media Tiles Thumb Size Mode parameter to System Settings General Section.
DONE - Added a Free / Link toggle button to the Media Tiles Clip Properties Size Adjustments.
DONE - Fixed Bug were media tiles would sometimes disappear or replace each other when they were moved around the bank
DONE - Crossfade on layer disabled when layer intensity is zero. So changes to selected Media file when layer intensity is zero will happen immediately.
DONE - Offset removed for Copy and Paste regions on output page between fixtures or outputs.
DONE - Fixed bug in Copy and Paste multi selected regions on output page where last region selected would vanish.
DONE - Added font size parameter to Dynamic Text patch.
DONE - Fixed Bug where Media Banks would sometimes become unselectable.
DONE - Added Opacity port to Screen Fixture.
DONE - Added send control port to TCP IP module
DONE - Fixed Bug where Speed & In and Out points were not working in Media Tiles clip properties.
DONE - Improvements to playmodes and in and out points stability in playback of AiM Media with Audio.
DONE - Added Ai Bitwise Operations module allows you to perform AND, OR, XOR, <<, >> operations on controller values.


DONE - Added Ai TCP module which provides communication with generic TCP IP devices.
DONE - Updated the Manual to include new V9 functionality and updated images of user interface to V9.
DONE - Fixed minor issues with AiM media with Audio playback in points and out points.
DONE - Fixed CITP MSEX Stage Visualisation Visibility.
DONE - Fixed Take Over Frame play mode. It hadn't worked properly since version 6 [sorry].
DONE - Fixed Play when intensity > 0 play mode, when clip is changed during intensity = 0.
DONE - Added Translate Source XY and Translate Destination XY to region Adjustment module.
DONE - Fixed Text not showing up in Dynamic Content Page, Dynamic Text Patch.
DONE - Made Soft Edge control points on output page bigger and easier to select.


DONE - Adding a Screen or light fixture on the stage construction page now inserts it after other screen fixtures and before any projector fixtures, grouping them automatically. Prevents an age old bug where projectors and screen fixtures need to be declared in the right order.
DONE - Fixed a bug where an AiM movie with embedded audio would not re-trigger from a specified in point.
DONE - Screens in the Demo Project's Output Page on the Projector Output were partially deleted.


DONE - Added Template Projects for V9


DONE - Corrected 3rd layer default channel address assignment in


DONE - Auto Save of Media Bank when Media Bank selection is changed by Artnet
DONE - Added a yellow highlight to any media tile which has media loaded from a network folder
DONE - Added a red highlight to any media tiles which have matching Artnet ID's with any other media tiles in the same media Bank
DONE - Added MTC Trigger time to Layer properties
DONE - Clear Layer with Artnet File and Folder set to 0 needs to load transparent image not black image.


DONE - Added Preview Volume to Clip Properties on Media Tiles in the performance page.
DONE - Added File not found image when the user right clicks a media tile and views its properties.
DONE - Added File not found thumbnail when the file is not found when the media bank loads.
DONE - Fixed multi select regions can move first selected region.
DONE - Rotate by 90 on N point regions.
DONE - Added Scale control for Rectangular and N Points Regions on Output Page (hold shift to maintain aspect ratio).
DONE - N Point Regions Mirror functions on Output Page.
DONE - Improved responsiveness of fixture group selection.


DONE - Expanded maximum Memory usage to 4GB instead of 2GB.
DONE - Added Option buttons to turn on and off MSEX Streaming per fixture and per layer.
DONE - Added support for showing & editing all regions of a multi selected fixture group.
DONE - Added Sample region and Output region ports to the Region Adjustment Module - allows dynamic control of Region parameters.
DONE - Added Texture input port to the Region Adjustment Module.
DONE - Added Load buttons to Region Selector in output page instead of having to type in the paths to the region files.
DONE - Improved 3DS Region import and Screen Fixture Region Import on output page to add support for named regions based on 3d object in source file, and fix vertex breaking on import.
DONE - Fixed region Naming for Multi Point Regions on output page.
DONE - Fixed Copy and paste regions on output page


DONE - Added Output Region Names on the output page for Regions created with a screen fixture.
DONE - Drop down list of Region names, handy way to select overlapping regions.
DONE - Added Region Adjustment Module - allows dynamic control of Region parameters such as R,G,B,A (Texture input port coming soon)
DONE - Added feature allowing user to drag and drop image onto each output window in the output page to use as an output template to align sample regions to (when using screen fixtures).


DONE - Layer Parameters in the Layer Controller update live from ArtNET or Midi control of all Layer Parameters
DONE - Autoblend defaults its render targets to bilinear interpolation - improves image quality on autoblend outputs
DONE - Autoblend resolution ratio's 3:1 & 4:1 now perform as expected again (4k render target limit lifted to GPU max)
DONE - Fixed automated Time Code triggering from the performance page
DONE - New Audio engine improved support for most play modes. (Still working on a couple of them).
DONE - Layer properties can get cropped in the main UI window if the window is resized whilst the layer properties are open
DONE - Each FX Channel in the layer properties window now has a RESET button so you can reset only the selected FX
DONE - Layer properties can now be easily midi mapped or ArtNET mapped by right clicking the button in the layer properties (there is now a new close button to close the layer properties)
DONE - Layer properties are now opened with a double click instead of right click to improve compatibility with touch screens and to allow the right click functionality to perform the correct functionality elsewhere in the UI.
DONE - Value adjustment smoothing is set to default as off for all layer parameters, layer controller parameters, FX parameters and scene trigger parameters.
DONE - FX ID is shown on the multi layer widget when an effect is either selected in FX1 or FX2
DONE - Some unnecessary modules removed from inside the layer controller patch
DONE - Hidden V9 timeline page button from the Ai Page buttons until the page is closer to complete

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