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Ai v10.2 Full Release

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Ai v10.2 Full Release Empty Ai v10.2 Full Release

Post  ArranAI Tue Jul 17, 2018 12:31 am

Ai v10.2 is now available from our downloads page which can be found here: Ai Downloads Page

Amongst the new features and bugfixes, you can find...

Timeline control module for remote control of playback, position, cues and so on.
Arrange timeline presets
Rearrange timelines in the presets bar
Arrow key support for edge blend positioning
Sync notch timelines to ai for synchronised playback

Please note that it is now a requirement to register before being able to download - this allows us to have a much better idea of who / how often / why downloads are occurring and will enable us to improve releases and service.

many thanks,

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