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disable audio in a clip

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disable audio in a clip Empty disable audio in a clip

Post  4youreye Sat Jun 21, 2014 9:50 pm

so i´m doing my first project with Ai (and loving it) and so a lot of maybe simple question i will post here ,)

i have to play on 4 screens the same video clip. but they don´t play so perfect in sync that every of the clips can have audio
is there a simple way to disable the audio from the other 3 clips?
also is there a trick to get the 4 videos play in a perfect sync?

thx for your help

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disable audio in a clip Empty Re: disable audio in a clip

Post  Dave Mon Jun 23, 2014 5:15 pm

Hi Gerry

If you are playing the same clip onto 4 screen fixture groups then you can just multi select the screen fixture groups along the bottom of the screen (click and drag over them to multi select) then click on the video you want to trigger, the video should play on all 4 fixtures in sync. Although if the system is under a lot of load then this can delay the playback. So another option worth trying is to create 4 instances of the same clip into your media bank then fixture lock each clip to each fixture group (select the clip, then the fixture group, then ctrl click the clip), then multi select all of the clips and press ctrl B to 'buddy' the clips together. Hopefully when you trigger any of the clips in the buddy group this should now trigger them in sync.

If you need to disable audio from some of your layers then you can do that too, here's how to do it for each layer you want to disable audio on.

Open the layer properties for the layer you wish to disable audio for, expand the window over to the right a bit, open the Media Players patch then you should see two Media Player modules, press the button on each modules to disable the Audio. There are two media players inside each layer because of the cross fade on a layer functionality.

Thanks and best regards

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