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artnet pixel mapping sampling

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artnet pixel mapping sampling Empty artnet pixel mapping sampling

Post  mr_ricko Thu Jan 12, 2017 10:12 am

is it posisble to change the sampling to BGR or RBG instead of the default RGB/A - CMY options.

Is there a way of checking the artnet values are being outputted - via a monitor/listener of some sort.


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artnet pixel mapping sampling Empty Re: artnet pixel mapping sampling

Post  Ciaran Thu Jan 12, 2017 10:31 pm

On the output page in the 'Pixel Mapper Sample' box there are 4 drop down boxes on the right hand side. These allow for you to change the colour routing where the numbers respond to the initial colour space selected.

In RGB - 1 = red channel, 2 = green channel, 3 = blue channel.
In CMY - 1 = Cyan, 2 = Magenta, 3 = Yellow

To change from RGB to BGR you need to choose the first drop down box and change the number to 3 and change the 3rd drop down box to the number 1.

artnet pixel mapping sampling Pixelm10

The right hand side of the output page is a visualisation of the data we send to the artnet output. If you want to monitor the output directly I would suggest using something like Artnetominator on another machine Smile

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