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Output confusion

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Output confusion Empty Output confusion

Post  GTACraig Sat Jun 24, 2017 2:32 am

Hi AI Forum people.
I have a 5 x 1 projector setup plus monitor.

What is the best practice when organising outputs?
The outputs are in the correct order within windows desktop preffs but they do not correspond with AI's numbering which can be a tad confusing when using autoblend.

Should I ignore the windows numbering and change cables so they are correct in AI??
I'm sure I remember Arran saying they must be in the same order on both windows and in AI?
The outputs are set to manual config in AI.

Also, I am experiencing very low framerates even though CPU, GPU, RAM etc do not seem to be working too hard. I am trying to play large resolution files but even 6400 x 720 vids only play at about 18fps using AIM. All effects are off and I am using a single layer.

I have older i7 930
Firepro w600
12gb Ram

Many thanks indeed

By the way v10 looks great and seems to have provided the exact solutions I need... Cant wait to give it a whirl.



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