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Trigger Movie/Scene

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Trigger Movie/Scene  Empty Trigger Movie/Scene

Post  rene.schoenefeldt Mon May 06, 2013 11:44 pm

Hey Guys

any idea how to trigger a movie or scene in rolercue via artnet
we don't want to use any catalyst fixture.
just a simple on channel at 100% trigger.

thanks for answer Smile



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Trigger Movie/Scene  Empty Re: Trigger Movie/Scene

Post  Ciaran Tue May 07, 2013 10:51 pm

Hey Rene...

To trigger the clips from the roller cue, there are a few options you have to set.

1 - In the system settings, under triggering method. This has to be set to Roller Cue. This should be the default.

2 - When you right click a clip on the roller cue to get the pop out preview with all your adjustments. On the right hand side there is a value called Artnet ID. This is automatically calculated when you drag your clips / scene triggers / timelines onto the roller cue. However you can change this to the required value when needed.

3 - Lastly to trigger the clip you need to trigger it to the selected layer. So if you double click on the layer you want to adjust, then you will get a pop out window with all the Layer Adjustments. You can then enter the Artnet Universe and 1st Channel. The the first options 'Library Folder' and 'Library File' determine what you are triggering from the roller cue. 'Library Folder' is the bank that you want to trigger from and 'Library File' is the file on the roller cue that was set to the Artnet ID.

Hope that helps



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